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Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is full of people from different races and different lines of thought. This leads to less judgment and more space for unconditional love. As far as places go, there are numerous places in Canada where you can have a quiet and peaceful time. Also, some places just have a romantic vibe that will multiply the crazy love feeling by almost 10 times.

The Places You Should Not Miss

It will be almost impossible to take your date to all the possible places in Canada. That is why all the places will be divided according to the state. This will help you to choose the most amazing spot near you. Once you start dating, you can take your partner to other places mentioned below.

1. Vancouver:

Grouse Mountains

If both of you love ice skating, this will be the perfect place to enjoy the date night. This place has been equipped with an amazing restaurant to finish the date night with a lip-smacking dinner. Finally, the “Light Walk” is an unforgettable walk you can take with your partner.

Hotel Georgia 1927

Go retro this 2019 with an amazing Lobby Lounge in Hotel Georgia. The location and the stylish venue make it the perfect place for you and your loved one to enjoy plush cocktails and say the three magical words.

2. Edmonton

Devonian Botanical Garden

Like nature and flowers? No problem, take your date to one of the most amazing flower gardens which will make your partner fall in love with you and the place. They have special date nights filled with special events. You just have to go there, the place will do the rest.

Revolving Restaurant

Some single women or men fancy nice restaurants. You can give it to them by booking a night at the La Ronde Restaurant. It is the only revolving restaurant with an amazing view from the 24th floor. Get your dresses ready, ladies and gentlemen!

3. Calgary

Ox and Angela

This can be your date place where you can have some amazing food in the Spanish restaurant. Calgary is quite cold and it is a place to warm up (get cozy).

Olympic Plaza

This is a fun place in itself. There are various things to do apart from shopping for shopping-loving-people. There is a skating arena which is open till late and is free. Enjoy some indoor ice-skating and afterward get some tasty dinner at SKY360. This place will heighten the love feeling 10 fold by both physical and mental interaction.

4. Saskatoon

Riverbanks play

You can enjoy a Romeo-Juliet play by professionals at Saskatoon’s South Saskatchewan River Bank. Their eternal love and sacrifice will definitely add romantic moments to your date night.  

Bon Temps Cafe

This cafe has a romantic aura to it. With live music and Cajun authenticity, you will feel alive like never before.

The list does not end here. Each and every state have beautiful places to visit with your date. Toronto has the famous FIGO restaurant with amazing interiors and enchanting food. Enjoy with your loved one.

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